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Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2017. Topicality in Icelandic: Null arguments and Narrative Inversion. To appear in Verner Egerland, Valéria Molnár & Susanne Winkler: Architecture of Topic. Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton.

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2017. Who are we – and who is I? About Person and SELF. In Order and structure in syntax II: Subjecthood and Argument Structure [in the Open Generative Syntax series], ed. by Laura R. Bailey & Michelle Sheehan, 199–221. Berlin: Language Science Press.

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2017. Stylistic Fronting in corpora. In Syntactic Variation in Insular Scandinavian, ed. by Höskuldur Thráinsson, Caroline Heycock, Hjalmar P. Petersen & Zakaris Svabo Hansen, 307–338 [Studies in Germanic Linguistics 1]. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. PDF

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2016. The Split T Analysis. In Finiteness Matters: On Finiteness-Related Phenomena in Natural Languages, ed. by Kristin Melum Eide, 79–92. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. PDF

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2015. Gender: a PF reflection of an edge linker. LUP [Lund University (electronic open access) Publications]. PDF

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2014. Icelandic declensions. LUP. PDF

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2014. About pronouns. Working Papers in Scandinavian Syntax 92:65–98. PDF

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2014. Context-linked Gammar. Language Sciences 46, Part B, 175–188. PDF

Wood, J. & H. Á. Sigurðsson. 2014. Let-causatives and (a)symmetric DAT-NOM constructions. Syntax 17:269–298. PDF

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2013. Om ordföljd i germanska språk. LUP.

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2012. Case variation: viruses and star wars. Nordic Journal of Linguistics 35:313–342. PDF

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2012.Minimalist C/case. Linguistic Inquiry 43:191–227. [pdf, lingbuzz].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. & J. Maling. 2012. Silent heads. In Functional Heads, ed. by L. Brugé et al., 368–378. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [pdf, lingbuzz].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2011. Uniformity and diversity: A minimalist perspective. Linguistic Variation 11:189–222. [pdf, lingbuzz].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2011.On UG and materialization. Linguistic Analysis 37:367–388. [pdflingbuzz].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2011. On the New Passive. Syntax 14:148–178. [pdf]

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2011. Conditions on argument drop. Linguistic Inquiry42:267–304. [pdf].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2010. Mood in Icelandic. In Mood in the Languages of Europe, ed. by B. Rothstein & R. Thieroff, 33–55. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. [pdflingbuzz].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. & J. Maling 2010. The Empty Left Edge Condition. In Exploring Crash-Proof Grammars, ed. by M. Putnam, 59–86. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. [pdflingbuzz].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2010. On EPP effects. Studia Linguistica 64:159–189. [pdflingbuzz].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2009. Language Quarks. Iberia: An International Journal of Theoretical Linguistics 1/1:169–183. [pdflingbuzz].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2009. The No Case Generalization. In Advances in Comparative Germanic Syntax, ed. by A. Alexiadou et al., 249–279. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. [pdf].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. & V. Egerland. 2009. Impersonal null-subjects in Icelandic and elsewhere. Studia Linguistica 63:158–185. [pdf, lingbuzz].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2009. Remarks on features. In Explorations of Phase Theory: Features and Arguments (Interface Explorations), ed. by K. Grohman, 21–52. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. [pdflingbuzz].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2008. The case of PRO. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 26:403–450. [NLLT].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. & A. Holmberg. 2008. Icelandic Dative Intervention: Person and Number are distinct probes. In Agreement Restrictions, ed. by R. D’Alessandro et al., 251–279. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. [pdf].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2007. Argument features, clausal structure and the computation. In Argument Structure, ed. by T. Bhattacharya et al., 121–158. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2006. Agree in syntax, agreement in signs. In Agreement Systems, ed. by C. Boeckx, 201–237. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. [pdf].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2006. The Nominative Puzzle and the Low Nominative Hypothesis. Linguistic Inquiry 37: 289–308. [pdf]

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2006. The Nom/Acc alternation in Germanic. In Comparative Studies in Germanic Syntax, ed. by J. Hartmann & L. Molnarfi, 13–50. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. [pdf].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2006. The Icelandic noun phrase: central traits. Arkiv för nordisk filologi 121:193–236. [lingbuzz].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2004. Agree and agreement: evidence from Germanic. In Focus on Germanic Typology, Studia Typologica 6/2004, ed. by Werner Abraham, 61–103. Berlin: Akademie Verlag. [pdf]

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2004. Icelandic non-nominative subjects: facts and implications. In Non-nominative Subjects, ed. by P. Bhaskararao & K.V. Subbarao, Vol. 2, 137–159. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. [lingbuzz].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2004. The syntax of Person, Tense, and speech features. Italian Journal of Linguistics 16:219–251. [lingbuzz].

Sigurðsson, H. Á. 2004. Meaningful silence, meaningless sounds. Linguistic Variation Yearbook 4: 235–259. [lingbuzz].


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